All exterior quotes are based on our phase projection system. It’s a plan consisting of the number of crew, number of days and degree of difficulty, as well as the toxicity of the products used. 

          Here is my general procedure for  full exterior applications: 

 - TSP treatment and pressure washing. 
 - Scraping/sanding.
- Minor Carpentry for those rotten and/or damaged spots.
- Shrubbery, grass and walkways will be covered and protected
 - Full tape off and protective plastic shield of windows ,soffits,etc
 - Oil-based primer coat for clapboard and wood siding. 
 - Refined Spray Assist technique.
 - Two coats of top quality finishing paints or stains. 
 - Expert final brushwork of trim for that clean magazine quality look.

I am also able to provide a list of other services:
-Decks,fences (wash,restore,repair)
-Repaint all lawn furniture
-Professional organizing
-Alluminum siding,soffits,facia (wash,paint)
-Stripping of clap board (old paint)
-Minor carpentry

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All applications are done in accordance with manufacturers' specifications. We also properly dispose of all waste at the end of the job for your convenience.
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